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Port Views Public Realm

Dubai, UAE

Insite were appointed by the client, WASL Asset Management, on letter dated 7th June 2017 to carry out the landscape design for the Port Views development, Al Mina Road, Dubai. The project is a continuation from the KEO master plan from 2014 and KEO Infrastructure works for the site wide roads and utilities which are currently under construction.

The vision for the landscape design developed for this project is for ‘Contemporary Industrial Maritime’ which is inspired by the surrounding area. The entire public realm will be reminiscent of the ‘Nautical’ elements which is a significant vision character for the development, this character will be developed taking subtle elements of maritime rather than direct theming. We identified a need to create a strong and robust overall landscape framework for the site, promoting a pedestrian friendly environment and creating connections with the existing external site conditions.

To achieve this a lot of thought was put into the experience of moving through the landscape, which is divided into variety of zones, each providing the user with a defined sense of place, making navigation of the development effortless and intuitive. The distinctive and creative approach to the streetscape and central open space design will ensure the development takes its rightful place among Dubai’s most trendy and desirable urban districts for residents and visitors to hang out.


Master Planning
Urban Design
Design Guidelines
Landscape Architecture
Public Realm Design
Lighting Design
Signage & Wayfinding
Irrigation Engineering

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