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Urban Mixed Use Master Plan

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The project seeks to create residential self-sustained affordable communities within the City offering just the right balance of housing unit mix supported by sufficient public amenities, open spaces and recreational areas. Through providing a wide array of multiple housing opportunities for the middle and low income, the project aspires to embrace diversity and achieve an assorted mixture of residential typologies. Being part of the larger community, the project will also provide city-wide public amenities such as state of the art educational and healthcare facilities serving at a regional level.


The 229 ha project’s site consists of three different plots districts which all enjoy a well-designed urban context and a cohesively integrated built environment. It is estimated that the project will be home to around 105,000 people while at the same time serving the entire population of Lusail as the community facility level.


KEO/Insite’s scope is to carry out concept and detailed master planning services, including urban design and planning, environment, landscape architecture, infrastructure and utilities, as well as sustainability. InSite also wrote the design guidelines and investor packs that support the business objective of attracting, as per the clients development vision.


Master Planning
Urban Design
Design Guidelines
Irrigation Design
Lighting Design
Sustainability Consultancy
Landscape Architecture
Signage & Wayfinding
Streetscape Design
Public Realm Design
Water Conservation

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