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Urban Boulevard

Location: Confidential


Landscape Architecture

Signage and Wayfinding

Urban Design

InSite's design scheme takes inspiration from the walkable urban fabric of old Manama. While the proposed buildings follow a rectilinear language to respond to the plot shapes the paving pattern is an adaptation of the organic street network, thus, bringing in a slice of the old city within this new development. The paving pattern also serves as a strong theme that unites the different plots across the development.  Every entry to the Urban Boulevard is conceived as a gateway, utilising the same shared language and visual cues though their scale of impact varies depending on the location. However, the Gateway, which is at the southern end of the site which will draw people from a near by Mall, is the grandest. Here, you can expect to find the beginning principles of what defines an active Urban Boulevard at play. Elaborate shading structures, beautiful planting, and integrated seating which welcomes everyone to the site and hints at the activities to be discovered.

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